ShoreTel Communicator

ShoreTel Communicator 19.49

It delivers unified communications (UC) in an intuitive interface
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- ShoreTel Communicator offers unified communications in an intuitive interface and is available in diverse environments such as Web browsers, Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Nokia mobile phones. With minimal training, users across job roles can master a full suite of versatile tools for managing real-time communications on their computer or mobile phone, moving seamlessly between voice, video, or IM as needed.

- ShoreTel Communicator provides integrated advanced call management and quality desktop video in a highly customizable interface that is easy to set up. Instant messaging (IM) functionality gives users the power to contact people in remote locations, have sidebar conversations during calls, or to bring several people into a chat session. Tight integration with Microsoft Outlook enables access to directories and personal contacts for quick-dialing options that speed communication.

- Pre-built integration of enterprise and CRM applications, including Salesforce, IBM Lotus SameTime, calendaring, and workflow, raises the bar on customer interaction by putting data where it's most needed.

- ShoreTel Communicator can also integrate with third-party information and applications via a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs).

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